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2 questions about database-table target and entity TargetList ?

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  • 2 questions about database-table target and entity TargetList ?

    question 1:
    what is the sense of the database-table target
    question 2:
    why is it not allowed to import into entity TargetList (not in selection-box in import)?


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    The entity TargetList (TargetList table) is used for email campaign. it allows you to create a targetlist of different records from different related entities. imagine you have an email you want to send via a campaign to (Leads - Contacts & Accounts) then you need to create a target list and start to assign leads - contacts and accounts to it. Then create you email marketing campaign and choose the created targetList and the system will send an email to all leads - contacts - accounts from the targetList.

    There is no point in uploading / importing targetList as it doesn't make sense.


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      The Target entity was available in very first releases and disabled right afterwards. It's a legacy.

      > There is no point in uploading / importing targetList as it doesn't make sense.

      Correct. If we had it enabled, users would often confuse trying to import targets through the target list entity. It's possible to import accounts, contacts, leads to a specific target list.


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        hello rabii,

        why you mean, that importing into TargetList doesn't make sense? May be for you, but I want to import 300 TargetLists from an old CMS-System - for historical reasons. I didn't want to import the assigned contacts too, only the number of contacts. This make sense for me.
        Can I unlock the "forbidden" import (via code)? After importing I can look it again.
        Can I import my old TargetLists into the database-table (include generating the IDs with ID = util\generateId();‚Äč) with a database-manager without damaging anything?

        Is it possible to use it not only for the export of email-adresses (newsletter, mass-email) also using it for exporting the address as csv oder pdf to send i.o. an invitation or a giveaway?

        thanks for your time

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          The reason i said that is because the tragetList doesn't have much just a name and a description. i was just explaining from my point of view why the developer made it that way. i think you could do something in code and reverse it.


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            Create custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/scopes/TargetList.json

                "importable": true
            Clear cache.

            Then you will be able to import Target Lists.


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              Thank you yuri,
              I understand your reservation because of possibily user-mistaktes.
              I promise to change it back until my import has done (it would be changed back also with the next update - or not?)



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                You can leave it there. Changes made in the custom are not overwritten up updates.