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Avoiding duplicates from lead to company/contact

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  • Avoiding duplicates from lead to company/contact

    Maybe there is a feature I did not find yet.... any idea?

    Let's say you have a long list of companies with some contacts.

    Now we imported a csv with several thousand leads. It turns out that most of them are from people inside the companies that we already setup. These leads are more or less from so-far unknown contacts within known companies.

    The only way to handle them looks like this to me:
    - Open each lead.
    - Convert to Company/Contact/Opportunity
    - Espo tells me that this will create a duplicate company but does not offer to merge the data from the lead into the company.
    - I create the new set of Company/Contact/Opportunity, then search for the company which is there twice and merge the both.

    That is not very elegant, and it is very time-consuming.

    What else can I do?

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    Leads are point of contact if you use leads in your crm to convert to contact and company then i suggest to try and upload the list to contacts directly and make sure to enable duplicate check so that the crm will find duplicate. once you do that then you can upload not duplicated record or export them as leads to import and cancel you import.