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Integromat and Make validation

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  • Integromat and Make validation

    I can't find a solution to passing empty values to Espocrm via Make/Integromat, without getting error 400 validation rejects

    There is a value to pass empty field values to Espocrm in Make however, it always fails validation with error 400 when it hits Espocrm.

    Does anyone using Make/Integromat have a working solution where empty fields pass validation in Espocrm? I've tried so many different ones in Make, none seem to work even trying empty, null, "", '' etc

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    Check that the fields you are passing data into are not Required (on the EspoCRM side). Because it's impossible to transfer empty data to Required fields on the EspoCRM side without disabling the validation check​.
    Also send screenshots of your forms and make scripts that you use to transfer data to EspoCRM.​


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      Thanks for your reply.
      The fields are not ticked as Required in espo.
      On looking at the log in DEBUG and testing, this applies to INTEGER fields. Entering a 0 value is the only way to get it accepted at the moment. It appears that you cannot send an empty field in Make to an empty integer field in Espocrm.


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        regarding official documentation, it can be only true or false
        Fields - EspoCRM Documentation


        • victor
          victor commented
          Editing a comment
          We are not talking about Boolean, but about Integer... And I also haven't been able to figure out yet why you can't pass an empty value to Integer from