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Custom Module Report for target list sync

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  • Custom Module Report for target list sync

    We currently have a custom module which links to individual contacts - this all works perfectly

    There's then a report which pulls relevant records from the custom module

    When trying to use Target Lists the system doesn't recognise this report as being eligible to sync those records back - the error "Error 500 Not supported entity type 'Packages' for target list sync." appears on screen

    Is there a way to allow the system to acknowledge this?

    Many thanks!​

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    Hey malg

    Is your entity of a type Person or Company? If yes then you just need to create a Many-to-Many relationship between the Target List and your custom entity (of Person or Company type). Then add the panel to the Bottom Panels layout of the Target List entity.

    That should work.


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      Many thanks rabii - I've gone ahead but it doesn't seem to want to play.

      The custom entity are different packages (like orders) which a contact has.

      I've added the many to many relationship here:

      Click image for larger version

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      And then added the panel to the bottom panels - but pressing sync comes up with the same error when pressing resync..

      Click image for larger version

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        As i mention to you (Package) entity should be of type (Person Or Company) i assume it is not that is why you have this error. it has to be of type Person or Company in order for it to work.