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UK fiscal year starts 6th April

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  • UK fiscal year starts 6th April


    I was wondering how people are managing the UK fiscal year in ESPO? It seems to be one of the only ones that does not start on the 1st of a month.

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    Hi Kyle..

    sorry for joke but : UK never do think like other people

    just for my information, why 6th april ?
    in Belgium, 1th april is joke day, so many newspaper have a "front page article" like "this year, Gouvernment don't do fiscal impôt for every people..." or "Gouvernment pay this year your holliday for you"...

    search in folder : fiscalYearShift

    many result, and it's seemt only "month" is calculed.

    PHP Code:
                    $fiscalYearShift $this->getConfig()->get('fiscalYearShift'0);
    $dt->modify('first day of January this year')->modify('+' $fiscalYearShift ' months');​ 
    this don't give response at your question.. but maybe a no "upgrade safe" solution


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      I handle it manually! Each year our rate get changes, and the only thing that is affected would be our Formula (and sometime infotip Descriptions); so I could copy/paste my old rate, add it as a Comments "// 2022-2023 Rate"

      Then just change the value to new field. Maybe in the future I will use $variableRate1 $variableRate2 to help reduce yearly work.... as I write this I have a idea... someone should ask for "Global Variable" feature to be include in Formula!!!

      That way I can share $Variable between different entity!


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        Thanks for the feedback, it would be good for this to be supported in the base system.

        The inbuilt search functions like this financial year are not useable for UK businesses.


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          The workaround is to have a custom read-only date field written by formula.


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            > it would be good for this to be supported in the base system

            This would be much more difficult to implement than it may seem. It's not just filtering. Grouping by fiscal quarter in reports, the current ORM fiscal functions.

            For example: