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  • api retreive data questions

    Hi all, I am new to Espo CRM and I have some questions.

    In the past I have worked with Vtiger and later until now with SuiteCRM.
    I have installed Espo CRM 8.0.2 without any problems and everything just works!
    That was for me not possible with SuiteCRM. There is always something to be modified in order to make everything work.

    Having looked at the demo of Espo I was impressed of the speed of loading pages and functionality what I have missed.

    I have build in the passed an android app that retrieves data trough API calls.
    Now I am busy to make an android app based on SuiteCRM but I stumbled on something.
    There is no API call for fetching the values that are populated in the dropbox in the front end. They are stored in a php file.
    That was the reason for me to look around.

    My questions are:
    Is it possible with Espo CRM to retrieve values that are populated in the dropbox with API calls? and also the other fields that are in the module Entity Manager >>> {Module_name} >>> Fields

    If you make a module in Entity Manager, the fields and data of the new module is also retrievable with API calls?

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    Wow a coder! Welcome welcome. I'm here to plugin the unofficial wiki:

    Now to call API from EspoCRM you would obviously need to do some PHP coding (I think); or the easier alternatively is the powerful Paid Extension Workflow which can do REST API.

    As for creating new module yes, all field and entity will be automatic API-able as it will be response with a JSON of all fieldname and data, from there you can Parse the field information you want. Here is a very old sample of data I retrieve through API. Sadly my (code) skill is limited (none at all) so I could not do anything further with these information.

    Click image for larger version

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      Hi, thank you!

      That is a helpful link, nice.
      I will be coding mostly in Basic (yeah I know that's old...) and a little bit in JS.

      That is good to hear that it is possible.
      Thank you for answering my questions!