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Problems with Clock or Time When Creating an Event

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  • Problems with Clock or Time When Creating an Event

    When I create a task or some other event it shows up on the calendar with the right date and time. The red bar on the calendar shows the correct time of day.

    When I created an event tonight (8:06PM MST) The record that you look at tells me the following:
    ~ Created Date is: Yesterday 08:06PM
    ~ Date Start is: Today 07:00AM
    ~ Date End is: Today 08:00AM

    I have provided a screen capture.

    Can anyone help me figure this out?

    Time is set to UTC for my user

    Thank you in advance for any and all help you can provide.

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    What exactly is wrong? "Yesterday 08:06PM" should have been "Today 08:06PM" and "Today 07:00AM" should have been "Tomorrow 08:06PM" ?


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      How you created the event?


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        Hi Yuri, Thank you for responding. The problem is that I created the event for tomorrow at 7:00AM at 8:06 PM today

        When I created an event tonight (8:06PM MST) The record that you look at tells me the following:
        ~ Created Date is: Yesterday 08:06PM - (Should be Today)
        ~ Date Start is: Today 07:00AM - (Should be Tomorrow)
        ~ Date End is: Today 08:00AM- (Should be Tomorrow)

        I don't understand why it does this because the date and time is correct. The red line on the calendar that shows the current time is correct for my time zone.

        I created an Event today at 5:57PM and another at 6:22PM my time. The 5:57PM was correct when I made it. I then made another one at 6:22PM and everything is wrong. I checked the 5:57 Event and it now says that today is yesterday and and tomorrow is today. If that makes sense. It seems that after 6:00PM, my time, the day changes from today to tomorrow. But the time on the Calendar does not change. It is accurate for my time zone.

        This happens on everything I try. Meetings, Calls, Tasks, etc. I usually Click on the Event, Calls for example, That I want to schedule. Click on "Create Call" and then schedule the Call.

        I hope this all makes sense.

        Thanks again for all of your help​


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          Hi Cuz,

          I understand correctly, your user has UTC time zone? Please tell me what system time zone is set (in the general settings of your instance)?

          Also please tell me what time zones do you use for your server and PHP?
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            What timezone is your PC?

            Click image for larger version

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              Maybe try in a different browser, or from a different PC or phone. To rule out a browser level time zone issue.

              What EspoCRM version do you have?


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                Thank you @ lazovic, espocrm and yuri for your ideas!

                It might help everyone to know what my set up is. I Have a Windows 10 PC. I installed Espo CRM (Version 7.5.5) on VirtualBox using a bitnami
                stack. The stack uses Debian Linux. Let me know if you need any additional info on this set up.

                I checked the time on the following:
                • Windows: (UTC-07:00 Mountain Time (US & Canada)
                • Debian on Virtual Box: UTC (Shows Same Time As Windows)
                • Espo CRM System Time Zone: UTC (Shows Same Time As Windows)
                • Espo User Time Zone: UTC (Shows Same Time As Windows)

                I tried different browsers and my phone. They are all the same.

                I did notice that when I create a Call and I look at the “Date Start” it says 11:35PM. The Calendar and my PC says it is 5:35PM.

                It seems as though the time used by the "Date Start" is 6 hours ahead of my actual time.

                How could this be different than the time that the calendar shows?

                Where does the "Date Start" get it's time from?

                I also noticed that the time on my Espo CRM "Date Start" is the same time as this forum. My last edit showed the time of 11:52PM. My time was 5:52PM. I don't think that it means anything. But is is interesting.

                I have included screen captures.

                Thanks again for your help.
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                  11:35PM is correct as 5:35PM MST is equal to 11:35PM UTC. What is incorrect, is the red line on the calendar. It should indicate to 11:35PM.

                  Maybe try to upgrade to v8.0. We upgraded the calendar library there.


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                    Forgive me if I am not understanding or I am missing something. Why would the Calendar date be wrong by showing the correct time for MST Time Zone?

                    Are you saying that if I upgrade to v8.0 then I would have the same time throughout the system?

                    Do you know if anyone else has this problem?

                    Since I have Espo CRM running in VirtualBox on Debian will any of the the steps change for the upgrade?

                    Thank you again for your help!


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                      The time zone of your Operation System is not taken into account by Espo. Only the time zone set for your Espo user (in preferences) has effect. You have UTC time zone.

                      Regarding upgrade, I'm not sure. Never did it with Bitnami. Maybe just try running the upgrade command from CLI.


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                        I think I have figured out what the problem is with the time on my system.

                        I had the Espo system time zone set to UTC & the user time zone set to UTC

                        I left the system time zone set to UTC and changed the user time zone to America/Denver OR MST.

                        Now everything works as it should!

                        Thank you lazovic , espocrm and yuri for your help! I don’t think I would have been able to figure it on my own.


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                          That good! Also that the official User, I'm not them.

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                        I have noticed something else strange with the time.

                        When I create an event or do anything that adds to the stream The date for the Event and the Calendar are correct but the time recorded by the Stream history is 6 hours behind.

                        System time zone is set to UTC and the User time zone is set to America/Denver OR MST.

                        Any ideas as to why this might be happening.

                        Thank you for any and all help, Mike
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