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Make record based on status accessible only to users with role

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  • Make record based on status accessible only to users with role


    I would like to make records based on status accessible to users with specific roles.

    So e.g. record Volunteer, with status Applicant, Active, Excited.
    I want regular users to only be able to access active volunteers. And someone with a specific role to see also Applicant and Excited volunteers.

    I wasn't able yet to find the conditional logic to do this.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi Maarten,

    It will require some coding. You need a custom ACL checker and SELECT filter.

    1. ACL

    Access checker

    It checks access to a specific record.

    2. SELECT

    Access control filter:

    Applies conditions to SQL when records are selected.

    You can define mandatory filter that will be always applied for all users. In this filter class apply where conditions depending on a user.


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      Custom access checker example:

      Custom access filter example:


      • a.slyzhko
        a.slyzhko commented
        Editing a comment
        I'm trying to extend access to records. And get success with single record with AccessChecker, but no luck with list view. I applied Mandatory filter to select records, but they don't appear on front-end