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    We work with EspoCRM version 7.3.4. We suddenly have the problem that the data from the API only flows very slowly. What could that be? We haven't changed anything. The problem occurred all of a sudden.

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    The strange thing: The EspoCRM itself runs as quickly as usual, but our API connection receives the data very slowly.


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      what do you mean by api connection ? are you getting data from outside crm through an api endpoint ? it is done through advanced pack or coded?


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        We have programmed a connection to the API. Until yesterday, this delivered the data reliably and quickly. Since yesterday the data from the API has been coming very slowly.


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          The slowdown could come from the service / website that call the API.


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            we will check this


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              We have now carried out a few tests:

              Internally, the calls to the API from EspoCRM are done via PHP with CURL. In order to do a little research into the causes, we logged our API calls and measured the time of the call.

              Here we come to the realization that the call to:
              https://XXXXXX/api/v1/EVEOfficeUser/63343289bd8a85a36 (URL is obscured)

              About CURL/PHP ~737ms needed. This is far too long for this call that only fetches one data record.

              If I now call up this URL via the browser or Postman, I get the exact same URL within < 100ms.

              CURL / PHP from takes almost 7x as long for the exact same call.

              Unfortunately, I can't see why this is the case because I can't look deeper into the Hoster-Network, it's not understandable because the call is quick for me.‚Äč

              Does anyone have any idea why this might be?