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printing PDF-file + WORD+file in PDF report

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  • printing PDF-file + WORD+file in PDF report

    Please tell me how do I print the contents of files in a pdf report? I'll explain. I have a building card. Various documents are attached to this card (mainly pictures, PDF, WORD) I need to upload all the contents of the attached image files, PDF, WORD as is in the PDF report.

    P.S. I understand from the pictures, but not from PDF and WORD.​

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    1. In Administration > Templates create the necessary template.
    2. Click on the three dots in the required report and click Print to PDF in the drop-down menu (screenshot 1).
    3. Choose your template for creating a PDF document (screenshot 2).​
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      I meant how to display in the pdf report itself all the documents that are attached documents (pdf, word, excel ...) so that you can immediately print it.


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        You can't with the current system?

        You would need to code this, and maybe also use an external library or the PHP to create thumbnails of these.

        EspoCRM can only read image file. It can't read PDF or any other Documents type of file except for HTML and Markdown