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  • Icon in table header

    Hello all,

    I am looking all the time for a way to show an icon in the table header instead of the description.
    Partly I have only one box what is checked or not. And for that I don't need a big column. But there the description is cut off, which does not look good or if I make it wider takes away space.

    Unfortunately HTML is not accepted in the description.

    Has anyone already found a solution or is there one at all?

    Thank you very much.​

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    I think this (the field label cut) happens because you are using Modern Theme, try to switch to one of the default themes. Also check if you are using the latest modern theme version, it may be better.


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      I get the problem also with other themes.
      see screenshot -> Espo Theme.
      I could make the column wider, but that was not the purpose behind this thread. But to create a narrow column to show important things, but still save space. Therefore an icon instead of the description.
      This probably won't work, right?
      As you can see on the first screenshot, only boxes (bool) are displayed and for that I don't need a wide column.​


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        Oh, the best thing you can do is to remove that label in list view.


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          Not possible, but you can edit the list layout file manually and add a custom label text with the "customLabel" attribute.