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Tried to create a Clinic System using ChatGPT

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  • Tried to create a Clinic System using ChatGPT


    I used the ChatGPT AI to create a Clinic System using Espocrm and got a very interesting result. It shows simple high level approach. I had already created a full Clinic Management System with built-in EMR and what GPT have me is a long way off. Interesting though, it seems to know the workings of Espocrm. May be if i probed it further it may succeed in the end.

    Just for info and discussion only.

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    that's great info! I'm working on OpenAI integration, but don't know where to stop.. Mine is more generic, you can use it through formula, etc.
    How you've implemented API? Directly? Through PHP package?

    AI is great because we can automate a lot of processes. With proper implementation you can transcript recordings, analyze images, etc.
    I have only one issue with AI. Data protection. In Europe (We're in Poland) i can hear a lot concerns related to GDPR.

    I hope you will succeed!


    • murugappan
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      At the moment I am too involved with the Clinic Management System. I am incorporating Wellness programmes as well. Currently under UAT. I use a few extensions from Eblasoft and Osom CRM. These are very helpful. Soon hope to work with OSOM CRM (from user perspective) to enhance the Invoicing extension. We do use the AI to generate some codes to interface and access Espocrm API's. I will keep posting them here when time permits.