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Report: Grid report exclude zeros in average

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  • Report: Grid report exclude zeros in average

    Hi all

    Is there a way to exclude zeros for a grid report using the AVG?
    We tried excluding them but they are both reported and included in the calculation.

    May be the filter isn't for calculations?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	grid report avg zeros.png
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Name:	no zero scores.png
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ID:	90707

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    Looking at that I would say it is a bug? Since it should only show =>0.3. But my opinion is very low since I never use Report feature before...


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      Hi crmclients,

      I just tested the work of the Grid Report with a filter by a field of the Float type: everything works as expected, records with a Float field value less than or equal to 0.3 are not displayed in the table.

      Could you show the full settings of your report so we can reproduce this issue?
      Also, please tell me which versions of EspoCRM and Advanced Pack extension do you use?​


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        ah it's the field type - i do have the float type in my test version and it is working - the issue is this is a reading scale of about 30 entries (from 0.0 to 7) and the mentor gets "letters" from the assessment results - so I was using ENUM so they could select either one - thinking I could store the actual # value but show for the label --> both the # and corresponding letter.

        Do you know how I would accomplish this so the Espo Report module will allow reporting/charting?

        Right now, only Float and Integer fields show in the report to be selected. FYI I'm using EspoCloud version so no back-end access.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	enum vs float.png
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ID:	90845


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          In Grid Report, it is possible to make a column for a field with the Enum type on the cloud version of EspoCRM, this has been tested and works perfectly.

          Once again I will ask you to send a screenshot of your Report settings and, very desirable, screenshots of the fields settings that are used in this Report (in columns, when grouping - absolutely everything). We need to reproduce this issue so that we can help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.​