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integration of Document Editing Software for Generating PDFs with Better Styles

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  • integration of Document Editing Software for Generating PDFs with Better Styles

    Hello friend,

    I am trying to generate documents using placeholders and PDF templates, but I am encountering some errors or issues with styles. I was wondering if we could integrate some type of document editing software like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, or other open-source third-party applications and replace words with placeholders. This way, we could generate or print PDFs with better styles and utilize the available functionalities in Google Docs or Word.

    Additionally, I would like to know if anyone has already done this or if there are any extensions available in the market. Please let me know.

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    Hi, as of Version 7.4, which has been published yesterday, there is an additional PDF engine in espoCRM, which you may test. I think, from what I have read beforehand, that this engine will enhance the PDF creation significantly.


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      Rumor here and there but nothing official or evidence. You can use third party HTML email editor that quite compatible but it quite inconvenient to use so I don't look into it.

      domPDF is the engine in 7.4, I'll wait a little before trying to as I see some upgrade error forum.

      In term of third party software I doubt it will be integrate anytime soon, we do have Google Map as integration, if your skill or money is up to a level you can see how that implement and add other feature to EspoCRM.

      As for natively adding it to EspoCRM, I sure how it doesn't affect server requirement, which it will from my research. All these require many feature and library which my Shared Hosting can't handle, willing or want to install.