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User settings - Register synchronization (VAT number) / Sales pack

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  • User settings - Register synchronization (VAT number) / Sales pack

    To Whom It May Concern

    I would have question concerning the CRM user settings. We have created our own script, and we are not sure how to assign a particular variable data from PHP language to a particular Entity. To be more concrete, we would need to fill in individual forms of the Account automatically from the Czech Business Register of companies.

    I would have another question concerning the Sales pack that we bought. We are not sure where we can fill in our billing address and VAT number, because it should be included in all offers and invoices before we send them to our customers.

    Thank you very much for your advice,

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    I assume you send the PDF version of the Invoice right?

    Your own details? Or your customer details? There is already a field call "sicCode" by default, you can create your own VAT field for that if you don't want to use them. Personally I create my own and I don't know what is sicCode and it might serve different purpose in the future.

    If you meant to automatic fill in the VAT code from the official Czech government website: Business Register of Companies then you need to do this through script or API.

    Thanksfully recently another user together with telecastg made a tutorial for this if you want to look through it: