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Dashboard not draggable nor resizeable

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  • Dashboard not draggable nor resizeable

    Hi, I have one installation, wher I cannot configure the dashboard. The dashlets are not draggable and I cannot resize them. They are in one column spread over the whole width of the screen (side by side with the menu/vertical).

    I use the same css custom file in all other installations and only in one this happens. I guess I am missing one ore more files. Wher is the plugin for the draggabla dashlet located?

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    Seems, that with an update or transfer to another domain not all files were tranferred. As I could not finde, which file(s) would be responsible for that, I copied the whole folder client from a fresh install over to the app and that cured that error. I guess, it was because of the file client/lib/original/gridstack-jq.js, which before was named gridstackjQueryUi.js.

    But this is only my guessing, because the newer file has a lot of new lines of code. If anybody could confirm my guessing?


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      shalmaxb - I saw something similar; I was seeing a 404 error because it couldn't find client/lib/original/gridstack.js. I solved it by removing package-lock.json and re-running npm i


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        jflores I do not use npm for my intallation process, but merely exchanging the mentioned folder solved the problem for me. Though I don`t know, what caused this and unfortunately nobody from the developer crew answered.
        I will observe that in the next installation I will have to make, if it happens again.