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Display some Fields or Panels for admins only

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  • Display some Fields or Panels for admins only

    Hello guys,

    please is there any possibility to display some panels only for specific users based on team or some other attribute?

    If I go to Administration->Entity manager->Entity->Layout->List->Select Panel and set condition making panel visible, I would like to use condition for example env\userAttribute('type') == 'admin', same for fields of the entity.

    Is there such a possibility, please? I only see the possibility to add a field of the entity as a condition to make the field visible.

    We would like to display some fields only for admins or the users that are allowed to see the field.

    Right now the only possibility to control the visibility of some fields is by setting Role for users and disabling 'read' in the field scope, but this one is not applicable to Panels in Layout manager.

    Thanks a lot for help!

    edit: Also the solution using Roles would be a lot of work as I would have to set every single field manually for every role.
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    You can utilize Layout Sets. Specific teams can have specific layouts.


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      hello yuri, will take a look at it, thank you!