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Moving from Docker to Xampp

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  • Moving from Docker to Xampp

    I am having problems with docker due to WSL network issues so i have decided to stop using Docker altogether. I want to get my data from espocrm from the docker to the xampp. I have used xampp installation before and i prefer it. I just don't know how to take the backup of the date and move it to xampp. I looked at the backup and restore option. but not sure of the docker path of where the espo is installed. is there any way to take the files manually out using file explorer?

    It would have been so nice if the admin option have this backup and restore feature like all the other software.

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    There is a guide here but it require you to use CLI/code to do; maybe it help.

    In general, I'm sure there many Docker guide out there to show how you can do backup/file manage, and from that you can dig where EspoCRM is store and just backup those folder.

    Same for the database backup, there plenty of tutorial out there for Docker, just need to find out what is your database name, which you can find in the config file in EspoCRM /data folder if I remember correctly.

    I guess that the advantage of being popular, many guides and tutorial.


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      Thanks for the reply. I had used the ESPO official docker install method found herem and did try to play with the Backup script but its beyond my borders. I ended up with exporting individual data and importing into mongo db with alot of missing field. I guess the table structure is also different so no point in trying to do import/export by script. Docker is popular i guess but too much learning has to be done for wsl/network issues. I won't suggest this method for normal home users.

      In the future releases it would be a great benefit for users if the back and restore option are available via the admin menu.
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        We do this in testing sometimes, you can extract the MySQL database with this command:
        docker exec mysql /usr/bin/mysqldump --user=username--password=password databasename > "/path/main-"date +"%d-%m-%Y"".sql"
        And this for the flles:

        docker cp espocrm:/var/www/html /path/backup​​


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          I used this Export command from Docker. since i used the official docker container the passwords remain the same just the docker id changes.

          docker exec 384c0ac2c5d2 /usr/bin/mysqldump -u root --password=root_password espocrm > backup.sql​