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Espo CRM in Cloudways?

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  • Espo CRM in Cloudways?

    I am trying to start my first espo crm project all by myself and I need some help to chose a good hosting privider. At first I thought about choosing Vultr. And now someone suggested Cloudways. I also want to host wordpress and other custom code and open source projects that I want to keep all in one place. Is it good Idea choosing Cloudways for ESPO ?

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    First time I heard of them, but it look like they part of Digital Oceans which is quite a popular brand. Here is an very old post of what found during my research, something you can take into consideration. Currently I'm using Hostinger and would consider moving as the price went up to premium again.

    The post is outdate though, Hostgator got a bit better after a few months from my post, whether my post affected them or not that I doubt, as I'm just a single user compare to millions of other users on their server.

    Don't go with CIS, it was my EspoCRM Number 1 choice until they trolled me. Wasted my time, but I end up with Hostinger, aside from Price issue they are good, then again I only have experience with 3-4 hosting provider.

    In the future this thread will be use for discussion; the Wiki hosted on Github will be used instead to post update; please see: Part 2 of this post can be found here: (

    If you do end up with Hostinger, let me know. I give you affiliate link before you sign up.

    And if I run into issue with EspoCRM I tend to post them: problem & solutions if they are found.
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      It like I'm being tracked, I just got an email offering a New Year deal so I decide to take it, it half my current cost but I have to pay for the full year, they throw in another extra 1 month. I just need to remember to make plan before it expired...

      Most host will have deal from time to time to get new customer, so look out for those. Here it is if you want to compare the market:

      Now that I upgrade, hopefully website/EspoCRM is faster.