I recently deployed EspoCRM (on-site self-hosted) for our small company. We were navigating and getting used to everything when I was asked to explore an email attachment workflow issue.

First question:
One of my employees is sent an attachment, and they don't want to assign it to a contact or account. Instead, they want to email that attachment to someone else. My employee is coming from working in Outlook, where they can compose a new email and drag the attachment from one email into the newly composed email. This is impossible from what I have read throughout the forum until I hit the forward email in the CRM; the attachment is there.

Can a button be added to "compose email w/attachment," - which leads me to question number two?

Second question:
My account and the admin account are two separate ones, but they share a personal email (it@mybusinessemail). I sent a dummy pdf from my personal email to it@mybusinessemail.

I decided to save the dummy.pdf as a new document to see how easy it is to attach that to a newly composed email. (yeah, it's easy. This isn't the issue)

I went to the administration page and down to the bottom of the page, where it showed me the "attachments." This dang dummy.pdf is listed five times, I tried to see why this was, and every time I decided to compose an email and drag the attachment into the email it uploaded it to my server. The question here is how do I stop a redundant amount of duplicates from shared emails or make sure that email chains aren't creating a large data volume for me to figure out?