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How to force pdf generation

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  • How to force pdf generation

    i am working to update my pdf in each entity
    how i can "force" to regenerate pdf after update template ? (or its possible to view a preview with real content ?)

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    There is no need to regenerate. Any modification you make in a template will be available right away. No preview from template manager. You have to go to your entity, for which you made the template and may test with a real record.
    Because that can be a tedious work, on fiddling with the template (and it is MUCH fiddling necessary), I open one browser tab with the template manager and a second browser tab with the entity, which I only have to refresh to test the template. The template itself with the data from the record opens in another tab, where you will see, if everything works as intended.


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      hello maybe i fogot something
      1 i change my template
      2 i edit a record in my entity
      3 i click on my pdf
      => change arn't reported
      i forgot something ?


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      item thanks i already read this about code, for now i need to check every change ... i sarch the good wokflow to regenerate fie after template modification
      thanks for your help


      • item
        item commented
        Editing a comment
        strange, or I don’t understand

        I open a record and print-to-pdf, so it open a new tab in browser
        after I open in a new tab, the template, i do modification and save it
        So I return to 2 tab, where is pdf, i refresh browser so I see modification

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      You are not missing anything. Change will take after edit template (assuming you choose the right template and did update it properly).

      Now it more of a system issue if it not showing correct, could be a cache issue, template not saving, using the wrong template, record not saving.

      Try creating a duplicate new template. Try creating a brand new template. Try using a different internet browser. Try reproducing the issue on the demo version. Try a simpler template to do test.


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        that only works if i delet pdf and resave item ... not realy user friendly