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How to set an email signature + image and custom font

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  • How to set an email signature + image and custom font

    Hi all,
    I have 2 questions regarding to email :
    1- How to set an html email signature identical to the one i'm using with Outlook?
    2- How to upload custom fonts for email?

    I found some threads but maybe there is a full tuto somewhere?
    Thank's for your time

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    You may find your signature in HTML format here:
    C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signat ures

    It is just a matter of copying if you do find it as a HTML but remember that images needs to be hosted somewhere since HTML doesn't support embedded images (excluding base64 images since most providers block them anyways).

    Also try using a stock font that is available on Windows, Mac, Android and ios, loading external fonts is bad practice and usually blocked. They are also needed to be loaded in the HTML head which we don't have access to when creating a email template.

    Another aspect of using custom fonts like Google Fonts is that they may not be hosted within Europe (GDPR).


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      I think with your HTML email signature, I think you can just copy/paste and the HTML code should get copy over. It just if you have Image in it you will have issue like Novastream said.

      Most email newsletter link the image to a https link, but lots of email software block this by default. If you insert it in your CRM as a picture, when you send the email it should send the image along with the email.