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    Hello and good morning to all.
    I have a question about Global Search. The result of the search is displayed in a panel at the top right. It shows the name of the entity record and also the type of entity.
    Is there a possibility to extend this? I would like to display another field from the account entity.​ In The first picture is the actual status of the search results and in the second picture I show how we would like to have the results. I circled the field we would like to add. (The second picture is made by photoshop, just to show how we want to have it!)

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    Hello pehoma
    unfortunately, it's not possible without additional coding. You can send request feature on forum to add this feature in proper category.


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      I think this would be a great functionality, similar to Quicken "auto fill" transactions feature where you start typing the string to search in a field and the system displays options containing the full row of fields/attributes for that record.
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