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PDF Template - Title Name but no File Name?

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  • PDF Template - Title Name but no File Name?

    With v7 we can add Title in PDF Template. I just recently use this and notice, it is "Title" as in Metadata Title only.

    Is there anyway to make it also name of the PDF filename? When I want to save/download the PDF Print I would like to have that information in the filename.

    Metadata is good and all but multiple PDF Template is all sharing the same name when you save file.

    Anyone think the same as me? Any solution we can adopt?

    Thank you.
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    Hi espcrm,

    The name of the PDF file will be taken from the Name field.

    That is, before clicking Print to PDF, you must have a value in the Name field that you would like to create and save a PDF file with.

    You can develop this concept if you want the Name field to have one value and the PDF file to have another value. To do this, create an auxiliary field with type Boolean, the value of which will be included in the condition of the formula.

    Simply put: before pressing Print to PDF, check our Boolean field > Change the value in the Name field > press Print to PDF >When we are satisfied with our generated document, we can uncheck the Boolean field so that the old value is returned to the Name field.​​
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    • espcrm
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      Thank you victor, I can certain do this but it will ruin all my code and rather not mess the name like this...

      This mean I also have to play with formula to edit these name too...

      I also want to have different template with different name, this mean each boolean, for each name. Not a solution I want to do at the moment.

      Let do example

      Name: John Smith (contact)

      Template 1 - Prefer file name: Summary of Contact - John Smith
      Template 2 - Prefer file name: Contact & Task - John Smith
      Template 3...
      ...Template 10...

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    can one simply put another field as filename? say, you want a invoice-template to save as "i-00xxx" (with the field {{number}})...?


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      No, Filename is not supported. Only Metadata Title is.