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  • Import validation failure

    Hi guys,

    i am trying to import a file into the CRM but i keep getting validation error for emails and for an enum field type. Basically for emails i noticed that the CRM failed to import emails that have some patterns e.g ( / those emails fail to be imported. also for enum i have an enum field with options (Service / Santé etc) the cell on the file has the exact options but the CRM failed to match these options and hence produce Import error. This used to work fine before upgrading now it is difficult to import files hence the CRM failed to validate these kind of fields. Any work around to stop import validation from executing when importing data?

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    > This used to work fine before upgrading

    This was importing wrong data. As result you had wrong data stored and a lot of features wouldn't work properly with the data. Now it detects that wrong data so you could handle it and re-import.

    This should not be in bug reports. No CSV provided, no steps to reproduce.


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      Maybe some encoding issue happening so basically values are not the same. Regarding email addresses, there was no any change in v7.3.

      The import tool allows to export all failed rows into a new CSV. Then you can fix bad values and re-import.


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        Hi yuri

        Thanks for your reply, one of the issues why the import was failing and validation was produced is that some cells on the excel file had extra space e.g email and space at the end of the email. the other thing is the value of the enum field e.g i have the industry on the account entity, my team are using the french language on the CRM so when i am importing industry i am using french translation e.g alimentation / santé etc it seems that the validation doesn't match the existing values in english versus provided french translation of the industry field. I am using the version 7.2.4

        I am still trying to understand how the validation works when importing especially when importing data with other language than english.