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  • Advanced Pack Reviews??

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for some feedback on the Advanced Pack. I recently starting using EspoCRM again for internal tools that are not customer facing, but do have custom integrations with tools that are customer impacting.

    My question is for those who have purchases the Advanced Pack, what's your thoughts on the reports, workflows, and business process management features? What do you like? What do you hate? I'm curious what people who use it everyday have to say.

    Looking forward to hearing your responses!

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    Hello marcbeinder
    i'm using Advanced Pack on daily basis. Probably for some users can be too difficult to use AP, but for me it's a blessing Especially BPM flowcharts!
    I'm using User Tasks internally and planning to extend this for external users (maybe even customers).

    Reports are pretty simple if you take some time to understand how they're work.

    I'm using on my instance Sales Pack and Advanced Pack. I saw other extensions in action while working with my customers and i can tell that EspoCRM extensions are pretty solid.
    Please let me know if you have any questions


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      I have one use for the Advanced Pack that I plan to do when I eventually make the purchase for it. It seem to be quite a powerful tools if you are creative enough with it.

      Personally outside of demo and screenshot I have not use it before. But my plan is as follow:

      When I create a new case with for example:
      the "category: sale",
      I want to create 3 task in the case, "1) collect information", "2) get work done", "3) send thanks letter".

      Once I click "Closed", I want it to automatic send a few closing email.

      That a very simple plan I have in place. I'm currently just duplicating or retype these each time.


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        emillod Thank you!! There has been a lot of work done around building custom tools to manage my business, but being able to use EspoCRM as a way to quickly create user interfaces combined with writing customs SQL Stored Procedures and Events to sync data between databases has proven to be the best option to keep moving forward.

        I'm thinking about using the Advance Pack workflows and BPM to manage how information should be entered into EspoCRM to automate the values that are populated into different records that in turn would change the behavior of the custom sync job.

        I think the Advanced Pack is going to be a good fit. My only concern is what the yearly renewal cost is. I know it comes with 1 year of upgrades and support, but what do I need to do after that year is up?


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          marcbeinder you don't have to worry about that. You'll don't have access to updates, but it'll still work. You'll be able to still use it in your EspoCRM
          You'll have to pay only if there will be compatibility issue in next version of EspoCRM


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            emillod Awesome! Thank you!! Are there notices when an upgrade would break compatibility? Or is it luck of the draw? Just trying to understand for budgetary reasons.


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              marcbeinder yes, it should show information before upgrade, that you have outdated extension which is not compatible with the newest version of EspoCRM


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                emillod Awesome! Thank you so much!!


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                  marcbeinder no problem. Have a wonderful experience