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  • Document Storage in Documents

    Is there any limitations on the size and number of files that can be stored in the Document Entity? Will storing large number of documents limit the CRM and slow down the browser?

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    I don't think so because the actual file is stored in your server (data/upload/{file name-id}) and the Document entity just contains some file metadata and the file id (name), so the number of records in the document table should not affect the CRM or the browser any different that any regular table with a large number of records.

    What I think could affect performance is the number of Documents linked to a single entity because of the time required to render each of these files in the detail display.


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      Of course it will! No proven example yet as I avoid Documents at the moment because there no Mass Import/Upload.

      However from seeing how slow Email can be, I'm leaning on the side that Documents going to be facing same issue as you build more. Not to mention if you do backup daily, there mean more filesize.

      I only storing essential documents that I may need access to and keep most file offline.


      • telecastg
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        The question was if the number of documents would limit the CRM or the browser performance and that has nothing to do with the lack of ability to mass upload/export or the server backup abilities.

        Because the documents are NOT stored in the database, but in the server itself, the number of documents stored will be a limitation of the server's capability and performance, not the CRM or the browser.

        If there is an issue with a large number of documents being stored, perhaps the solution would be to acquire a better server/hosting service that can handle a large number of files.
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      • espcrm
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        I guess you are right, but as I didn't answer the question too directly but a food for thoughts. Further to the post below, the speed of the Browser would be limited by RAM and CPU.

        The lack of ability is just one of the reason some people may uploading, perhaps there is other reason to avoid Documents attachment for now.

        Perhaps the Documents indexing is like other Entity where it is still fast when you have many records. Whereas Email is slow for other reason that you need to know code to understand why it is slow.

        There is still no "Stress" test or 'performance' that people do and share as far as I know, so these are speculation only.