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Calls Filter Not Applying to Contacts Report?

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  • Calls Filter Not Applying to Contacts Report?


    I'm trying to achieve a simple report result: Contacts that a given sales person has NOT yet called at all, along with other filter criteria to achieve a desired subset of contacts. However, no matter what kind of filters from the Calls entity I try to apply to my Contact Report, I STILL get contacts in the result list with Call records in the History section!! What gives with this? I don't understand why this is not working... No errors print in my error log. See attachment! There are actually many Contacts in my report's results which go directly against the filter rules on my report. These contacts should not be in these results based on my filters.

    We're going to be sending many of these Contact lists to a 3rd-party leads-generation and cold-calling company, so it's critical we give them accurate list data. But, with the Calls filter not working correctly, which is the most important part, I'm not able to get any lists over to them!

    Does bringing the Call entity filter into a Contact report not work as I imagine they should or something?
    EspoCRM v7.2.4
    Advanced Pack v2.11.4
    PHP Version v7.4.3
    MySQL Version v8.0.30-0ubuntu0.20.04.2

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    Hello Zosh
    probably the best option would be to create new bool field which would store information about calls. You can create bool field with true/false or information about amount of calls.
    It require custom coding, but it's doable