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Importing parent reference fails

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  • Importing parent reference fails

    When attempting to import a custom child record, referencing the custom parent record fails on import. When I select the parent(ID) or parent(type) options on the column selector, neither the record id of the parent or the parent name seems to work with either option.

    What makes it worse when trying to trace the problem is the import error says Field: Parent; Validation: Valid when attempting to investigate the errors. Does anyone know what I should be checking? Parent relationship? Use a different ID? Does having a space in the parent name need to be quoted out in the CSV?

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    Hello cardigansam
    the best option is to export few records from EspoCRM to csv and then replace records in file with your data. Then import it to EspoCRM and it should work.
    I had some issues with csv's generated by different engines in the past.