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Update Problems / SMTP Login not possible

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  • Update Problems / SMTP Login not possible

    ​ Hello,

    i have two Problems i cant not solve at the Moment. I used already the search-function but saddly no solution works for me.

    1. Update the System.
    I did already update the System but there is still a notification i have to Update my System to Version 7.2.4. The Update of the advanced Pack worked without a Problem.
    The first time i updated the system i could use the Command from the docu ( "php command.php upgrade".
    If i use it now the Console answers with " Could not open input file: command.php"
    The Config says my system is on Version 7.1.11

    2.SMTP Config
    i want do integrate my E-Mail Account in ESPOCRM to send E-mails. I followed the Guide ( but i receive a error everytime i try to send a E-Mail.

    Error 500: Email sending error.
    See Pic 1

    The developerconsole from Firefox tells me:

    Error: createFromField requires a password or username field in a document LoginFormFactory.jsm:102:13
    createFromField resource://gre/modules/LoginFormFactory.jsm:102
    #onDOMDocFetchSuccess resource://gre/modules/LoginManagerChild.jsm:844
    handleEvent resource://gre/modules/LoginManagerChild.jsm:704


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    Hi VivAws,

    1. Make sure you use the upgrade command in your instance directory, for example here: /var/www/html/espocrm.

    2. Please send logs for the day it was fail to set up SMTP. You can find the logs in your instance directory, in the data/logs folder. For example: /var/www/html/espocrm/data/logs.


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      Hi lazovic i have the same problem with SMTP connection. In my email app works fine SMTP (i´m using Thunderbird) but is not working en ESPO. See the log attached, the fail is the last input


      Attached Files


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        I have the same problem with the SMTP connection, the IMAP works fine but SMTP is a challenge.
        Has a solution been found?