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Add Custom field in email detail view

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  • Add Custom field in email detail view


    link always I would like to thank the expo Team for their good work and all the supporters here in this forum for the good help.

    But now to my problem. We would like to add a custom field in the detail view of emails.
    We would like to have a dropdown field related to cases. That means this field only should be visible when the email is related to a case. The idea is to update the status of the case automatically after sending the email.
    Here a practical example:
    We have a case with several emails related. The Case status actually Is "pending"
    Now an employee of us send an email to the customer related to this case. We would like to have a field in email detail view to select the status of the related case after sending this email. In this example to "waiting for reply from customer", because the email contains some questions to the customer.

    We added already a field to the entity "E-Mails", but I don't know how to add this field to the detail view.
    I think after the field would be visible, the actualization of the related case we can handle with a process flow (we have advanced pack installed).

    Thanks in advance for your ideas

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    You can add custom fields to default side panel as of v7.2.


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      Hello Yuri,

      thanks for your reply. Maybe I'm searching in the wrong part, but as you can see in the screenshot I Can't edit detail view of Email. Where can I add custom fields to the detail view?


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        You can't in details, you can only do side panel.


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          Thank you. Is there anyone who can implement the function we need (I described it at the beginning of this post)? For sure we will pay for it.


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