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  • PDF Auto-Complete Integration


    We have a lot of inteligent PDF what we need to complete manually. We want to integrate from ESPO to autocomplete the PDF form. See the attachment for the PDF what we need to integrate.
    Anyone integrated this feature?
    The cost of the integration?

    Thank you!

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    link to the pdf document:


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      From the screenshots it is not clear, what you want to achieve.


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        For example we have this pdf form file :
        provided from the romanian government.
        This pdf FORM file until now we filled out manualy. All data can be found in the espo database, what we need to fill out in the pdf form.
        We want to autofill this pdf form from espo with the comand PRINT TO PDF for example. Espo call the pdf file and it autofill with the Account data and it save or open the autofilled pdf file.
        Something like this:


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        Don't worry muulox! I got your back. I too want this feature but unfortunately there is still no good way to do this. Currently I use "import" from a PDF software like PDF-Xchange. First I export from EspoCRM then I use the software to import. Sometime if it only 1-2 field I just copy/paste and save the trouble of exporting importing.

        Unfortunately as far as I'm aware there is no one on the forum that implement this feature then, you would still have to manually export/import data or copy/paste. Or create a ugly looking PDF inside EspoCRM.

        PS: Thank for sharing BulkPDF, I think I might start using this instead.


        Hopefully I can explain the feature muulox requesting for; for example:

        PDF Form have a text form field, for example "Full Name", "Address", "Phone Number".

        He want to export Contact from EspoCRM and it will auto fill these field with those information. As you can see in his form, it already have those ready-to-use form but he would need to type it in.

        The issue is he got many of these form made and ready to use.

        Recreating the same PDF form in EspoCRM "Print to PDF" doesn't work because (1) it ugly and (2) take lots of times and (3) static. Once you print you can't make minor edit/changes.