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Changing the default font size in email

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  • Changing the default font size in email

    This has been discussed some times, but I do not get it to work. I would like to change the default font size for new emails from 14 to 12. Please anybody explains how that could be possible. I read the existing threads, but do not know, where I can put the behaviour to be update save.

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    can you inspect the web site login page? using the web tools you should be able to identify each area of the page. Once you've found the css info you will see the file name exp: style.css line: 2756 the inspector will allow you to test the change before you make the change. Good Coding


    • shalmaxb
      shalmaxb commented
      Editing a comment
      if it was that easy.....
      First, there is a compressed css file with onle one line number. Second ther are lots of class-values, which could be responsible for it. Third the font size value is coded in the summernote.js file, but I do not know how to change that.
      Before version 7.2 it has been possible by css, but this does not work anymore.

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    apologize for the push, but is there really nobody with that same problem and does really nobody have a hint?


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      I have previously done this to entirely brand outgoing emails by creating classes which inherit the Email entity and the EmailTemplate entity and then pre-process any content with whatever you like - in my case I added custom header and footer content depending on the account. Then you set the binding so that when the system calls those classes it uses yours instead. So any call to EmailTemplate->parseTemplate does your processing first and then passes it on to the parent for normal processing.

      It took me quite some time to get it working...

      For system messages I inject additional information with a custom tag which uses handlebars. I created a custom tag {{brandHeader}} but in your case you could create a tag {{setFont size=18}} and have the template inject something into the html. you'd still have to put the custom tag in you message though.


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        After some researching I found the css, where you have to put in the font-size for the email editor.

        1. First do not forget to create a custom css-file to have this addition update safe. Follow the documentation:
        2. In your custom_css (i copied the whole css, in my case hazyblue.css) search for

        .note-editor.note-frame .note-editing-area .note-editable {
        padding: 10px;
        overflow: auto;
        font-size: 12px; <- add this parameter

        3. Save

        4. Clear browser cache, espoCRM cache (in my case it was necessary to do this few times), reload and it should work.‚Äč