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    I am trying to set up Google calendar integration - I created a project in Google console, I got Client ID, I got Client Secret and everything. I added required APIs etc. I set Access control for my Role (External Accounts enabled, Google Calendar enabled). However, when I am trying to connect my Google account in the User detail view I am getting an error. Could you please help me with how to set it up properly? It will be probably a problem somewhere in the Google console. I am doing this for the first time ever.

    Thanks a lot for your help! Click image for larger version

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    I guess, you followed the guide?

    The problem is most likely here:

    6. Configure consent screen.

    In Google Developers Console, click Oauth consent screen on the sidebar. Follow the instructions on the page.

    You need to add the email address of each user in the google accoun to grant access to the Oauth feature.


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      Hello Thomas,

      yep, I followed the guide in the docs

      However, my app was still in testing mode so I would have to add every user manually as a "tester" exactly as you mentioned.

      I fixed the problem by publishing the app into production mode instead of testing mode. (done on the OAuth consent screen page)

      I knew that something like that was mentioned during the creation of the project in Google console, but I was not able to find it anywhere afterward

      Thanks a lot for your help, it is now working as expected! Click image for larger version

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        Quick question, do you have experience with Google calendar integration in EspoCRM please?

        I have everything set up, but the sync is not working. I set Direction to Two-way, but I dont see CRM events in Google and vice versa. I assume that it is being synced once per few minutes or something like that. Do you by any chance know how often the sync is being executed?


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          Okay, so calendars are synchronized now it took around 3-5 minutes. However, I think I found the bug. When I want to add also other calendars from Google, it considers only calendars that I have created - from the section "My calendars" in google, not also from the section "Other calendars" in google (see screen1)

          I also found "nice to have" feature that is missing now. In google, different calendars are shown in different colors, when it got synced at is shown in CRM, it has always blue color so I am not able to recognize from which calendar the event is. I would love to have an option that when you are selecting other calendars from google in CRM you should be able to choose the color in which events will be displayed. (screen2)

          Another nice to have feature would be that when I am creating an event in CRM, I am not able to choose in which calendar it should appear in Google so it is always shown in the primary (blue) calendar.

          What do you think?
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            Hm, the sync lags a bit. I guess around 5 minutes but I never really benched it.


            • Jakub Grufik
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              yep, this one is solved already, however I would love to have your opinion on the other issues I am facing now (mentioned above)

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            When I wrote this, your comment was not there yet.

            Sure, why not.

            I only set up the calendar for some users but never really tried to use them. So I have no in-depth knowledge what features are missing, or not.

            BTW: When setting it up, I had some initial issues with the lables. I'm not really sure if adding custom lables are working. Selection always turns up empty.


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              I would also love this functionality to be made available. If there was a work around, that would be immensely helpful!​

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