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  • Process list too big

    Hi everyone,

    We are using ESPOCRM with the Advanced pack, and we use the BPM very extensively. The issue is that after a year of work, the database table containing the historic of processes is aroung 8gb already, and whenever we load the process list screen the system provides a timeout error message, as it cannot load all the lines of the DB.

    My questions are 2:

    -First, is it safe to empty the historic of processes, if so, how should we do it? manually removing them from the DB, removing them from the system, and wait for 30 days until the system properly removes it from the DB?

    -Second, do you think something can be done, so that the process list can still be loaded, no matter what size the table is? If I just have a big DB, it's ok, if I can't use the system to check what happened to the last processes triggered is a bit more troubling!

    Thank you all for your help!


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    Hi Aureli,

    > First, is it safe to empty the historic of processes,

    Yes. Filter all finished processes on the list view, select all result and remove. Recommended to have the latest EspoCRM version, it processes mass removal better.

    Then you can delete from database all records that have deleted = 1. Just not to wait a month until the cleanup job is processed. Do it for all bpmn_ tables.


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      Thank you yuri, I noticed there are 2 tables, they look like one is the process table(bpmn_process) and the other one is some kind of header table(bpmn_flow_node) linking the flowchart and the process, or something like that. Should I remove the lines of both tables? or just the process one?

      Thanks again Yuri!


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        Once you remove a process (using UI), all related flow nodes will be removed too (marked deleted = 1). So you can cleanup both tables (DELETE FROM {table_name} WHERE deleted = 1.

        Always make sure you have a db backup just in case.