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  • Filter leads displayed by Team(s)


    For sales teams in various countries, we want sales reps in Country A only to see leads from Country A, not Country B.
    I know the simple way will be to filter from the Leads page (UI) but even with this, the sales reps can still see leads in another country.
    Is it possible to do it by Teams, like a backend route so that they cant even see leads in other countries?

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    Hi toluwaniyi,

    Try for a team whose members should see Leads only from a certain country, set a Role in which access to Leads will be limited to teams only.
    Next, go to the list of all Leads, filter them by country, select all Leads with this country and do a Mass Update by Teams, then add the Team field with the desired value.
    Keep in mind that such a Mass Update will delete all other teams in Lead.‚Äč


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      Thanks lazovic