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Change type of the field 'website' to allow entering multiple URLs

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  • Change type of the field 'website' to allow entering multiple URLs

    Hello Everybody,

    I'm a newbie here, taking my first steps with EspoCRM, i.e. starting with 'minor' customizations.

    So far I managed to add a website field to contacts, but since I have several clients (private persons and companies) with multiple websites, I'd like to add a plus (+) under the website field enabling me to add more than one URL, just like the email field allows to add more fields.

    If I get it right, the email field has the type array, so I gather I'll have to change the type of the website field from URL to array. (I think that in that case the URLs might not be saved as clickable links, but that's okay.) Only, where do I alter the type of the field 'website'?


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    If you do not need to have clickable links, you may use the Multi-Enum Field and allow to insert own values.


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      Thanks your help. That will create a dropdown field, right? Basically no problem if it's possible to enter values for each contact/company, but will all values be displayed in the contacts/account view?


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        yes, it will be a drop-down field, where you can insert own values (web-adresses), hit return and the value will be saved. You can put as many values as you want.
        You will have to create the field in the contact entity and place it in the layout manager, where you want it to appear. The input values will appear as a list.
        There would be other solutions, if you would need them as link (WYSIWYG editor for instance or Textbox with some creativity).
        Another solution for clickable links would be to create a group of URL fields, of which each may contain one web-adress. This would be viable, if there are only a few (perhaps up to 5 addresses).