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Entity field which only allows certain entity types

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  • Entity field which only allows certain entity types

    Hello together,

    I am trying to add a field to an entity in which I can list and manually add other entities. I do not want to use a relationship, as my goal is to use formulas to further add entities from other fields. The needed "list" should allow me to only insert certain entity types (like in a Link or MultiLink Field from a relationship).

    I tried all the different "array-like" field types (array, MultiEnum) but they do not take an option to filter for any entity types.

    Is there something I missed or a workaround?

    Kind regards,

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    You could add an entity, where you have a record for every entity. Then you create a relationship between this entity and the one, where you want to choose the various entities.

    I did not understand the purpose of using formulas to add other entities. Seems a bit mixed up.


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      Thanks for the reply!

      I am trying to implement an Account-to-Account relationship รก la "bidirectional friend" ( As I have troubles getting the relationship to only show in one field I wanted to have a field which gets the contents of two Link Fields and lists them in this single field. I also want to be able to add an Account entity and the formula pushes the new Account to the corresponding Link Field (via entity\addLinkMultipleId).

      I hope I could clear up what my goal is.