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How to change the behavior of the "create related"-button

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  • shalmaxb
    commented on 's reply
    It works also for new entries, but of course the user has to click one more time, as the form does not open directly in this solution.

  • Anko
    Hi shalmaxb,

    thanks for your reply. Your solution works wonderfully when it comes to editing already existing entries. However, I would like the complete form to be displayed directly when creating a new associated entry. I guess for this a view has to be edited in some form.Your

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  • shalmaxb
    I solved something similar without having to code.
    I wanted the documents input form also open directly as full form. What I did:

    1. I created in documents a custom field with the WYSIWYG field to be able to place the link to the full form, which you achieve by copying the link from the button in the modal, where it makes possible to open the full form. The Text for the link I wrote "input only in full form".
    2. For the small detail view I removed all fields in the layout manager, except that former created link.
    3. Now the modal opens only showing the link to the full form.

    I know, it is kind of a life hack, but it works.

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  • How to change the behavior of the "create related"-button

    Hello all,

    I have a problem that I need to change the behavior of the button shown in the image. Currently it opens a modal here, but it should open directly as a full form. What files do I need to edit and how to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance!