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Business Process Management - 10 second timeout support

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  • Business Process Management - 10 second timeout support

    Is it possible to have 10 second timeout in process management flow ?

    We have designed one Business Process Management flow which contain Wait 10 second timeout
    See attached 1.png

    But according to process logs that wait log takes around 1h sometime 10 minute to process but not 10second as designed.
    See attached 2.png

    Why ? is it not supported ?

    PS: we have enabled Jobs - Jobs Run in Parallel and crons are running through daemon.

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    check this out if it helps


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      Hi, thanks for the replay rabii . But this is not the case.
      Issue is that wait was set to 10sec and logically next step must be executed after 10sec but it being executed after e.g. 1h.

      So i want to understand how to achieve after ~10sec delay execution of next step from process.


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        check out the timer setting to make sure you trigger it after event is started and make sure you have the right parms set. i have tested this on my own installation and it works although it is delayed but only by couple seconds so instead of 10 seconds for me it about 20 seconds. and it make sense hence the Process Pending Flows runs every minute.


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          rabii thanks again, i checked your mentioned points and all is fine.

          Seems my case is different seems simultaneously Espocrm has many records to process that is why delay is too big.
          I was trying to enable multiple jobs simultaneous process 10 concurrent but it not helped ... anyway big delay present.

          Any other ideas what can help to resolve this delay ?


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            i think it is better if you raise a ticket from your espo portal and explain the issue, i guess the support team might be able to provide you with best solution.

            good luck