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  • Generate invoice and contract


    I just found out about EspoCRm, seems really nice, it can fit my needs.
    I have a question tho, not sure about the sales pack, it can be done to autocomplete the contract also? not just the invoice?
    I have like 4-5 services and the contract it's identical just the user data needs to be changed, i looked at the demo, you have multiple options for invoice but can't figure out a way to add a contract there.
    So the invoice fields are ok, i don't need more then that for the contract, but i need a way to add text.

    The invoice and contract can be generated in the same pdf, i don't mind.


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    You can add a custom entity contract and create required relationships with other entities based on your needs.


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      You can create PDF Template but it is ugly. Very ugly with the current system, you can't make it look nice layout and colourful.

      If you can code or pay someone to code you may be able to make it look more beautiful. With my current skill, using the PDF Template, the template is very static, you can't make it more dynamic, so after creating it you would have to use a PDF Editor and edit some of the content.

      Perhaps other know of what to make the Template more flexible. To explain further, here is a simple example to make the template 'dynamic'.

      "Dear Mr John, your contract has been accept".

      Non-dynamic one: "Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms John, your contract has been accept"