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  • Add Field to Side Panel Fields

    I need some help with a "field assignment"
    I want to add another field in "Side Panel Fields". Namely: my employees
    Almost exactly like "Assigned User" but with multiple selection

    I created my employees as users.
    I now have tasks that I want to assign to different users.
    Example: 3 employees
    Task 1 == Employees 2 + 3
    Task 2 == Employee 3
    Task 3 == Employees 1 + 2 + 3

    I think that I have to create a new relationship beforehand under "Administration -> Entity Manager -> Task" ?!?

    Then add a field under "Administration -> Entity Manager -> Task -> Fields". But what do I choose here?

    Actually, I miss such a selection option as in "Teams"
    "Multiple links" is displayed as the type. But I can't select something like that.

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    I think you will have your employees in one entity, your tasks in another. Then connect the with (in your case 3) relationships n:n. The relationships create the necessary fields in both netities and from there you can put the fields in the laayout manager to the sidepanel.

    And it does not matter, if you create the relationships in tasks or employees.