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EspoCRM ++ NGINX // ReverseProxy

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  • EspoCRM ++ NGINX // ReverseProxy

    hello community,

    I keep having difficulties accessing my CRM from outside.
    following situation:
    I have workstation with Proxmox. I installed EspoCRM in a container (IP: XXX.XXX.XXX.127)
    NGINX runs in another container
    Actually, my domain: should be redirected to XXX.XXX.XXX.127 (just like it works with all other redirects)

    Can it be because Apache is behind a reverse proxy that something needs to be changed here somewhere?

    Best regards from germany!

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    1. ip behind proxy

    change $request->getServerParam('REMOTE_ADDR') to $request->getServerParam('HTTP_X_REAL_IP') in application/Espo/Core/Authentication.php

    it s not upgrade safe

    maybe try in nginx config
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      thanks for your fast answer! then this should be changed?

      when i search for "$request->getServerParam('REMOTE_ADDR')", i'll found more I have to change this everywhere?
      what happens after the change? Restart Apache?
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        Change every where
        no need to restart

        but when ii have time, I will try find a solution in nginx config


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          I've now adjusted the file, but unfortunately still no change. I still can't access it via my domain at nginx... but ping works

          as a precaution I also changed the ports.conf (apache) from 80 to 8080. via the IP XXX.XXX.XXX.127:8080 it will continue to run.
          I had read that there could be complications here...

          it's a pity that it still doesn't work - it remains exciting


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            Haa not understand...

            here my proxy nginx conf.. in txt extension because security upload attachement forum

            you need change and adapt dns and IP

            you need restart nginx for load new config
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