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Make Opportunity Field Visible if User is the assignedUser

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  • Make Opportunity Field Visible if User is the assignedUser

    Hello!! Did some searching for a solution to my specific use-case here but couldn't find anything quite like this...

    We have a varchar field repSpec in the Opportunities entity which contains sensitive information on how much commission a Sales Rep is making from a given Order. This is sensitive data that should ONLY be visible to 3 users, the Sales Rep user which the deal is assigned to, their assigned Sales Coordinator who created the given Opportunity record, and 1 other user in the system who is the Sales Manager.

    Due to the sensitivity of this field, Read Access for the Sales team is Disabled on this field only. We have most of the extensions including Advanced, there MUST be a way to make this field visible only to the given Opportunity's assignedUser, createdBy user, and an additional hard-coded user, maybe using some kind of Entity formula right?

    The new Conditional Field options added in v7 aren't quite robust enough yet to input the currently assignedUser value on a given record, instead you must choose a user in the system which doesn't completely work for this situation.

    Anyone ever encounter this situation before and already dealt with it?

    Thanks and lemme know!

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    I had an issue like this one a while ago when I had to make a boolean field `Approved` not visible to the creator of the record. I was not able to manipulate the visibility by formula and I am not sure how possible that is.

    Maybe you can use env\userAttribute('id') to get the ID of the current user then compare it against the ID of the Assigned User to see if they're the same and maybe go on from there onto manipulating the field.

    The issue is when you're using Workflow and want to manipulate something related to the users, they force you to choose from the list of users instead of making it dynamic


    • Zosh
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      YES... Exactly... All we'd need is the ability to select a dynamic [assignedUser] or [currentUser] variable whenever to configure the evaluation conditions against, and all this would be easily satisfied!

    • JosNas
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      Zosh Precisely the issue I'm talking about. I'm thinking of maybe requesting it as a feature in the Feature Request section of the forum