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  • Mark Notifications as Read/Unread

    Hi there,

    I am struggling with Notifications (bell sign in the top right corner")...

    Is it possible to mark them manually as read / unread? Let's say I have 50 notifications per day and I want to keep 3 of them as "unread" (I actually have read them, but they are very important and I want to keep them as "unread" for a couple of days). Is it possible to do that?

    At the moment I can only mark all of them as "read" with no chance to mark some of them as "unread".

    How do you deal with notifications?

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    I deal with it by abandoning it. I tried to ignoring it, it become an hindrance at the moment since management of it is quite difficult.

    I tried to disable email notification (as 90% are from email) but failed. Either I'm doing it wrong or v6 is bugged; I haven't update to v7 yet.