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Thumbnail images in list view not visible

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  • Thumbnail images in list view not visible

    after upgrading to 7.0.8 in one of my entities the images are not found, although they are definetly there. In list view only a symbol for broken image is displayed. Some few images are shown (no pattern).
    I am not able to open a record, it shows briefly "Load...." and nothing happens.
    In a linked entity the images are visible.

    Nothing in the log file.
    In Apache log, there it tells: 404 GET /?entryPoint=image&size=small&id=5f083b2a31 1ad0836 HTTP/1.0

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    verify :

    on googleChrome :
    click right on the broken picture, copy adress .. past on url.. go.. .. and see if picture is there
    see in admin/entity manager, field "picture/image" .. and see if .. see picture
    look : data/thumbs/ small or medium .. file exist
    verify permission


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      I did all that and even more.
      When I put the URL of the image in the browser I get a 404 as well. So I compared the ID from the URL with:

      1. the uploaded files and the thumbs. In both cases the ID is present.
      2. I investigated the database table and there as well the appropriate ID is present for the referenced image.

      So it is not understandable, why there is a 404 error. I had that same problem with other instances of the same app after the update to 7.x.

      One other strange thing is, that I have the images linked by a relationship to another entity (documents) and there the thumbs appear, what proves, that from the uploaded images everything should be ok..

      I guess, the problem is elsewhere, but I don`t find it. I cannot even open the records, already at that stage I get also a 404.
      In another app with the same error I ended up to downgrade back to 6.1.10, uploaded the images from a backup, associated the fitting database and then it worked.
      But this honestly is quite a desaster, causing a lot of re-working.


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        So if you have try all..
        In v7, apache or nginx config must be adapted. maybe see there.