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  • How to debug log message


    I am getting a lot of the following message in my logs:

    [2021-11-16 06:43:09] NOTICE: E_NOTICE: Undefined index: type {"code":8,"message":"Undefined index: type","file":"/home/coredev/public_html/application/Espo/Core/Utils/Database/Schema/Utils.php","line":66} []

    I would like to track down what is causing this so I can make changes to remove the issue (I am assuming its to do with the extensions rather than being something generated from the core code base)

    The log message does not have anything helpful in tracking down the cause can anyone make a suggestion on how best to find it?

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    I usually start by following the path given to me in the logs and check out what's triggering the error on given line. So in this case go to home/coredev/public_html/application/Espo/Core/Utils/Database/Schema/Utils.php and see what's triggering the error on line 66


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      Personally I start by getting the same official default version of the file, rename the old files and upload the default file, crossing fingers for it to work and then do what JosNas do.