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Scheduled Jobs Failing UFO

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  • DavidatEspo
    SOLVED> Deleted email account in Espo and created new one solved the problem!

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  • DavidatEspo
    started a topic Scheduled Jobs Failing UFO

    Scheduled Jobs Failing UFO

    Hello my fellow Esporians,

    I have an interesting issue I hope someone will be able to rocket an answer over:

    Suddenly, Scheduled jobs fail to pick up personal emails for one particular user. Checking the settings, connection is OK. Checking the espo logs, the error says:

    "Espo.ERROR: CronManager: Failed job running, job [617f3672dc53bfa5b]. Error Details: Job CheckInboundEmails 5d146a3f12a4bf1df: [0] cannot login, user or password wrong"

    Nothing has been changed (connection OK) and other email clients e.g. mobile phone can still pick up emails over IMAP.

    Any Ideas?

    Thank you for reading and any suggestions would be great to have!