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  • Any Success Importing Emails?

    Hello Everyone!

    Has anyone ever had any success importing emails into EspoCRM? We're getting down to the 11th hour preparing for our big production migration onto EspoCRM on November 1st, and I'm trying to ensure all my i's are dotted and t's are crossed while we get off of horrible Zoho CRM.

    Zoho apparently doesn't have any means to export email data out of their system... Even if we POP3 all our end-user emails, and allow email data to sync over to their mail servers, there's still apparently NO WAY to export that email data along with the account and contact relationships/links. However I see that via the History panel on the EspoCRM you can archive emails from the past.

    Therefore, I'm trying to think of alternative ways... We are a Google G-Suite/Workspace environment, so all the emails in-question are still in my end-users' mailboxes. Is there maybe some way through working with the APIs to have EspoCRM scan our Gmail accounts and where recipient email addresses match email addresses on Contact entity records, then import those emails into the CRM where they show as Archived Emails under the linked Contacts??

    Another option... When we perform User Exits and have to delete email accounts, we download their mailboxes as .MBOX files. Maybe there is some way to take an MBOX file and import them into EspoCRM such that emails are linked to their relevant Contact records based on matched email address?

    Any ideas here I'm big-time open to them! Thanks!!

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    Hmm this is way out of my league so I write what I know and personally experience with a few spice in theory.

    > Import MBOX

    Nope, you won't be able to import to EspoCRM. You would need to use some other front-end system, for example Roundcube previously I think I 'imported' MBox file like that.

    > account and contact relationships/links
    EspoCRM automatic link any found Account/Contact to the email, so as long as your Contact and Account is imported first then email is added to those Account/Contacts, then when retrieve email afterward it will link. Unfortunately linking like this doesn't help for a big system. For example 1 Contact can have many different Case/Services/Invoice/etc, and different email is linked to different Case/Services/Invoice/etc. So end of the day you have to go and manually link these email to relationship.

    Our system currently have thousands of unsorted email (old prior to EspoCRM usage), only when I need to re-read it I would decide to do a search and filter, then Mass Update and link it to a #Case.

    > so all the emails in-question are still in my end-users' mailboxes

    This should be workable, I initially thought it all locked under Zoho and no way to easily extract it. By default there is no way to Import/Export email either. I was thinking of maybe Export Zoho along with related relationship ID, then imported it back to EspoCRM, unfortunately that not the case.


    Now all of these is through the front end, I think if you know the backend (Server/Database/MySQL) you can do much more magic with it, especially with transferring database.

    Another alternative possible would to use some integrator provider, I have listed some of them at:

    Lastly if it a major move, and you want it to work without day 1 headache from your user, perhaps consider employ someone who can help with the transfer, (forum/job-requests). With their skill and trade secret they might be able to provide more guarantee. Whereas I'm just managing a small team on a small scale so if it break I can "deal with it" and find out how to fix it slowly. But if your scale is large, this isn't the risk you can or allow to take.