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Modify Duplicate Check (contacts) Small View List Layout

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  • Modify Duplicate Check (contacts) Small View List Layout

    For Contact, when you create another Contact with a similar name, EspoCRM will ask, "The record you are creating might already exist" in a sidebar (right) Small View popup.
    This is great so I don't duplicate, unfortunately it only show the Name and no other information, which helps if you are sure it if different person...

    Would anyone know how I can modify this view a little? So I can add in other identifying field that we may use without the need to open the Details view of each person. For example, I would add in field such as "City" or perhaps even custom field like "Birthday" or "ContactPhoto".

    Thank you.

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    This must be a feature request, because the API only giving the names of duplicates, I think it worth to have duplicates as a small list modal view
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      Oh that sad to hear, I thought any visual file can be edit, just need to know where the file is and do something like this to it:



      Created this thread here, not much hopes but perhaps there be a guide on how-to. If anyone want this feature to be add, be sure to bump or "Like", perhaps it might gain attention of developer.
      Please refer to this thread here: ( Issue: Duplicate checker, "The record you are creating might already exist" layout can further be improve. Currently
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